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Norfolk Wherry Trust - Home of the Wherry Albion

East Anglian Waterways Association 

On-line magazines available to access and read are below:

EAWA Easterling Magazine using ISSUU    HERE      

Waterways Recovery Group's  NAVVIES  magazine    HERE

North Walsham Times online HERE

Towpath Talk   -  Digital Magazine edition 

Inland Waterways Association   -   I.W.A - The North Walsham & Dilham Canal

Canal and River Trust   Why Donate?

Canal River Trust   -   Great Nature Watch   &   Play Bingo Wildlife

Waterways World

Local to North Walsham

Visit North Norfolk - North Walsham & Dilham Canal page

Enjoy the Norfolk Broads          Worstead Weavers

Big Sky Productions   -   Local Film Maker   -   visit the NEWS link

The North Walsham Guide   -  North Walsham & Dilham Canal   -   The Canal from Bacton Wood Bridge

The Griffon Guide   -   North Walsham & Dilham Canal Trail

North Walsham and District Community Archive Page

Norfolk Mills               North Walsham Times                   Just North Walsham                  Crab Tales

Authoratitive Bodies

Environment Agency

Environment Agency - 'Challenges & Choices' Consultation

Love Your River - Archived DEFRA article

The Broads National Park

North Walsham Town Council   -   Norfolk Norfolk District Council   -   Norfolk County Council


Canal Access Map - Drawn by Chris Black.  Permission to use granted.   (Please note:  the canal is privately owned and has no public right of way except where Public Footpaths exist on some of the banks or where the canal owner has allowed access via a 'permissive path only'. For definitive details of the public footpaths refer to Ordnance Survey Explorer Series map 252.)

North Walsham & Dilham Canal 'Mills' Map created by E.W. Paget-Tomlinson - Permission to use granted.

North Walsham & Dilham Canal   -   Useful map for Work Party locations

Canal Camping at Honing - Click HERE and scroll down the page to view a beautiful map of where we are     (Search for North Walsham and Dilham Canal)   -   Honing

Media News Stories

The EDP - Briggate Mill Pond - Restored for Wildlife (Mar 2012)

The EDP - Breakthrough at Troubled Mill (Feb 2011)

The EDP - Crowds Flock to View Restoration Work (May 2012)

The EDP - Bid to rewater dry section of the canal (Sept 2013)

The EDP - One mans mission to restore Bacton Wood Mill & his stretch of the Canal (Nov 2013)

The North Norfolk News - The Canals 200th Anniversary - 1812-2012

Norfolk Security - Survey Bid to show who is using the NWD Canal

The North Norfolk News - Historic Mill on the NWDC converted into homes - (Jan 2015)

North Walsham Times - Issue 429 -  Report from Ebridge - Canal Information Weekend (July 2013)

North Walsham Times - Issue 473 - Report from Ebridge - Canal Information Weekend (June 2015)

Crab Tales - Issue 065 - Report from Ebridge - Canal Information Weekend (June 2015)

EDP iWitness 24

North Norfolk News - Showcase Gallery 2018 Calender showcase natural beauty (Nov 2017)

Just Regional - All Aboard for Canal Trips - (Nov 2017)

BBC News - Dry canal to be refilled with water - (Nov 2017)

Historic and/or Heritage references

Historic England - PastScapes

Norfolk Heritage Explorer - The North Walsham Dilham Canal


Norfolk Uncovered - The North Walsham & Dilham Canal on YouTube

YouTube using search words 'North Walsham Dilham Canal'

Tweets, Blogs and Video's

Big Sky Productions   -   Lots of videos and articles about the North Walsham & Dilham Canal

Wayford Bridge to Honing Lock   -   Canoe Days Out

Brilliant afternoon in a canoe   -  MP Norman Lamb   -  August 2013

Miscellaneous Stuff

NEW:  Tent Only Canal Camping Site available at Honing  For Polite Notice click HERE



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